Putting a Face to Human Trafficking and Neglect

We’ve heard about the problem but few of us see a real human face in this nightmare.

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We’ve heard about the problem but few of us see a real human face in this nightmare.  Meet “Jane.”

Let me introduce you to “Jane,” a woman from Southeast Asia. A few years ago her husband left her and her son. Without support, she scrambled for work. Along came a “friend,” someone she had known for many years, promising to get her a job as a maid in another country. But when she arrived, the man who met her at the airport took her passport, conveyed her to an apartment and told her that there was no job as a maid. Instead, she would be a sex-worker required to “earn back” all the money he spent.


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IMPORTANT…. Please remember that those who are helping these children are doing so at possible risk to their own lives. For their protection we ask that you please not post any part of this, especially photographs on any social media websites. Please do not share this with others unless you are confident that they will not post it on social media sites or forward it randomly to others. Thank you again for you support, prayers and understanding. May God continue to richly bless you.


“You instantly love these children, and at the same time, the grief of their existence is nearly overwhelming.”

As my friend Skip says, “You instantly love these children, and at the same time, the grief of their existence is nearly overwhelming. You are caught between staggering injustice and childhood optimism.” These people, these children, in utmost despair, each of them have hope that someone will help them. Thy have hope because “Jane” comes and helps them; asking nothing in return. She is now helping over 200 children. She and her volunteers teach them how to read and write. How to brush their teeth and keep clean. And with help she can teach them a simple trade to provide an income to help their families eat and help them stay out of prostitution.


Children Under the Bridge is making a difference.

Through “Jane”, local volunteers, and a small community of donors in just a little over 2 years we have been able to accomplish so much. By providing basic education to young girls it helps to keep them from becoming future prostitutes. Empowering women by giving them the opportunity to own their own business enables them to leave the sex trade industry. Providing medical care, basic hygiene education, and clean water allows for each child and woman to remain healthy. We believe in the motto, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. That is why we are seeking independence and not dependence.


Putting a Face to Human Trafficking

I want to introduce you to Vera, Sriyati, Ayu, Sulis and Eti.
These women are prostitutes in Jakarta.  Look at each one.  As you can see, if you didn’t know these women were in the sex trade, you would never guess.  They are completely ordinary mothers trying to survive in this third world country.  These are not drug users, reprobate, morally dangerous women.  They are mothers and daughters.  They look just like anyone else you might meet here.  Look closely at their eyes.  Do you see the hidden trauma there?


Traveling to Jakarta and meeting the children and mothers who are part of the Children Under the Bridge program in Jakarta will forever change my life. I learned that many young girls enter sex work because of the debt of their mothers.  Basically, these girls are “sold” to the pimp in order for the mother to pay her debt.  READ MORE





We realized the solution was clear. First we needed to set up a medical account which “Jane” could access to buy simple medications like diarrhea medication, lice medicine and ear drops for infections. Second, we needed to connect with a place where she could get these items and third, continue to replenish the medical account so she could continue to provide these items to the Children under the Bridge.