“During healthcare project going on in Jakarta, yesterday I speak with Yedi to ask doctor to come on the street to see the children and people for those stay on the street. Yedi try to arrange time the doctor. We got blessings from Singapore doctor some medicine, i bring to the pharmacy and let Yedi know that this medicine can be used for the people. Agnes bring vit C, B complex, deworm tablet, lice medicine, and cream for skin decease. If we need more, Yedi will help me to got from his pharmacy. If there’s any information about healthcare issue, we will let you know soon. “

“Healthcare project very help the children also people in Tanah Abang because there’s no one helping them before us. Rain season will coming and we will provide vitamin and medicine as long as we can. Because the weather not really good to doing ministry in afternoon, myself and volunteer try to change doing Ministry in the morning. Hannah will help me teaching every Saturday when she’s free. We concern teaching in small group and we’ll know the progress from the children and sooner will start craft class. This October I have assistant to help me hold Ministry. She’s name Ayu, and she will always go under the bridge with me and help the people and children there. I don’t like to ask any of you since you are all doing what you can, but perhaps you could share this with 1 other person and tell them about what we are doing under the bridge and maybe they would join us.”